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About Writer's Edge

Writer's Edge was designed for the modern publishing landscape with authors in mind.   Our business model is all about our authors.  Their dreams are our goals.  You don't have to take our word for it either. Look below and see some of the kind things our authors are saying about us.

Meet K. Larsen
Author of Romantic Suspense, Romance, and more!

"Writer's Edge Publishing is an indie author's dream.

We all struggle with marketing our own works. With paying for cover art and editing when we can't predict if we will make our money back on the cost to publish once the book is released.

Writer's Edge Publishing makes all the difference. Let's leave out royalties and look at only the services offered...
1. I no longer worry about finding a cover artist and incurring the cost of securing a cover. WEP is amazing. They listen to my feedback and makes changes accordingly until we're both satisfied with the outcome. It's a stress factor that I don't worry about anymore.
2. Editing! Editing! Editing! Finding a good editor is hard. Parting with money is harder, but editing is a necessary evil if you want to have a polished outcome! WEP's editors are great. They have a keen eye and also provide some good feedback for character/story development.

As an indie author my market was limited to Amazon, but WEP broadened the reach of my books, making them available across all major retailers and I never had to format a thing! It's a huge time saver working with them. Which is perfect because it leaves me so much more time to write!

If you have any doubts about them, toss them out the window now and take the plunge. In under a year my royalties tripled, my stress level surrounding releases dropped to nothing and I've enjoyed all those extra hours spent marketing, editing and finding cover art - writing instead."

K. Larsen

Meet Aubrianna Hunter
Author of Erotic Romance, Paranormal Romance, and more.

"After a rather uninspiring relationship with my former publisher, I had just decided to self-publish my next book when I happened across a link on Twitter... Writer's Edge Publishing - A different kind of publishing company. Following the link, I have to admit I was intrigued to find they actually help with promoting your book. A 'novel' concept in the publishing industry. (Pun intended...snicker). However, I still wasn't completely convinced, a fact I mentioned in my email. I was quite surprised when I received a response the next day including the name and phone number of one of their authors. Talk about quick service!

So, I made a phone call! After a rather in depth conversation regarding their approach, why I should give them a chance, how they promoted, etc. I decided to go for it. I submitted Hidden Depths.

Then... Wow! Magic happened. The first month my book made it onto Amazon's top 100 in erotic romance. I was so excited I requested the rights back from my previous publisher for all of my other books, which I was lucky enough to get. And once again... magic! My second release with WEP has also made it not only into the top 100, but the top 30 on Amazon's erotic romance.

To say I am pleased with Writer's Edge would be a huge understatement. I am absolutely thrilled, not only with the results, but with their individualized attention, their friendly approach, and the way they work both with and for their authors! They truly are a different kind of publisher!"


Aubrianna Hunter

Meet Jeremy Laszlo
Author of Dark Fantasy, Post-Apocalyptic, YA, and Thriller Novels.

"Every author wants results right?  Not just sales, but readers.  We all want readers.  Writer's Edge knows how to find your readers.  For the last year, my YA fantasy series, The Blood and Brotherhood Saga, has REMAINED in the top 100 of all fantasy series' on Amazon.  My books are available around the world in both digital and print, and Writer's Edge is even financing the production of my books in audiobook format.  They have gone the distance promoting my work and have always accepted my opinion about my books.  They take the time to help their authors, get to know them, and are constantly finding new ways to reach readers.  What more could I ask?  Does that come with Bacon?

I cannot wait to see where Writer's Edge takes me in the years to come.  I am elated to be on board, and look forward to years and years of mutual success!"

-Jeremy Laszlo-
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