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Unfortunately the majority of publishers out there take advantage of authors, either luring them in with an "advance" on their royalties and then paying the author a pathetic 4-15% after they reach the amount of the advance.  Or charging an author vast amounts of money to publish their work.  Here are a few examples.

Cover art ($200-$1500)

Editing ($1200-$3000)

Formatting for digital media ($100-$300)

Formatting/typesetting for print ($200-$600)

Revisions ($500-$1000 per instance)

Audio book production ($4000-$10,000)

passive marketing/image and link on their site (up to $100/month)

With these so called publishers it can cost more than $16,000 to publish your work across multiple formats only to find failure because the publisher you trusted did not market or promote your work properly. Why would they, when they already made their money OFF OF YOU.

The other scenario is where a publisher offers you an advance. Usually they do this as a ploy, giving themselves leverage to negotiate a low royalty percentage.  In this scenario it can be months, even years before the author sees another cent.  Often, due to lack of marketing, the author never pays off the advance and ends up owing the publisher money.

At 4% net royalties, on a marketplace such as Amazon, if your title is priced at $9.99 then the publisher gets approximately $7.00 of which you will get your 4% which is a mere $0.28

If you received a $5,000.00 advance, you will have to sell an alarming 17,857 copies just to pay off the advance, and you will have to do it without the publisher's support.  Most do not market a new author.

Don't become the victim of a predatory Publisher who will steal your hard work or money



At Writer's Edge Publishing our take on the industry is different.  We understand that we are here to serve authors, not take advantage of them.    That is why we invest in each of our clients, and offer them all of the services below, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE. The associated costs won't even come out of your royalties later.

Cover art



Formatting for digital media

Formatting/typesetting for print

Audio book production by industry professionals

Active social media marketing campaigns

Cross promotions with other work we have published

Sponsored giveaways and contests

and much much more

At Writer's Edge we believe every author we take as a client deserves the success they crave and we won't charge a cent to publish you.  That's right, we cover all the costs.  We can do that because not only do we believe in our author's work, but we promote it and market it.  We don't charge you anything because we plan for you to be successful and we will only get paid when you are getting paid.  We also offer unprecedented royalty percentages.  Here at the edge, our authors earn 50% of all net proceeds derived from their work.

At 50% net royalties, on the same Amazon market as mentioned in the column to the left, if your title remains priced at $9.99 and we as your publisher receive $7.00, then you will get a whopping $3.50

Though we do not entice authors with an advance, to make the same $5,000.00 with Writer's Edge, in the scenario above, an author would only have to sell 1,428 copies.  At the 17,857 copies as mentioned to the left, you would have made $62,499.50

If you want a publisher that works for you, instead of taking advantage of you, then it is obvious that you need The Writer's Edge!

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